Rare Metalcraft

Welcome to the 'Rare Metalcraft' section! We will be featuring rare Metalcraft toys with photos when possible, for you to use as a reference guide.

rare metalcraft hoosier indiana advertising

Two rare Metalcrafts take a drive to the train station.

Buster Brown Shoes - St. Louis (Andrew Tolch collection)

rare metalcrat toy truck private label toy tonnka metalcraft

Commercial Tire Truck (Andrew Tolch collection)

Mol's Grocery Huckster truck, 1934 - 35 ? Promotional item, possibly a prototype only, no photo.

voneiff drayer toy chocolate rare truck
The rare Von Eiff (VonEiff) Drayer Chocolates Truck. RARE.
This was part of the American Beauty Candy Stores in Missouri.
I was told by a Von Eiff family member they started making chocolate in Germany in the 1880's.

metal blimp zeppelin toy

Metalcraft Zeppelin in green. This style Zep also comes in orange, yellow and a plain steel finish.

Scooters by Metalcraft.........

Metalcraft Kroger 3-Wheel Scooter.


The IGA Grocery Scootaway scooter, circa 1929

Hamilton - Brown Shoes

I do not have a photo of the scooter body but it is dark green, with the name Hamilton-Brown Shoes on the wooden handle.


Photo courtesy of the Andrew Tolch collection
A Metalcraft prototype, circa 1934.

Metalcraft Forbes Farm Truck

The HOOSIER Dump Truck, with swinging doors on each end.

rare metalcraft Heinz pickles pressed steel toy truck advertising toy picture

Rare, Heinz 57 Stake Truck, the fore-runner to the common huckster-box truck

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